The Archeia Pearl Picture

Archeia means female counterpart to an Archangel

Archangel: Cassiel
Meaning: "Speed of God!"
Origin: Post-biblical Judeo-Christian mythology
Rank: Archangels, Illuminations, Supernals
Heaven: Araboth (Seventh)
Chakra: Balance
Ray: 3rd, Silver
Symbol: Dove
Patronage: Those who suffer
Virtue: Compassion
Adversary: Abaddon
Planet: Uranus
Element: Aether
Cardinal Point: Prime
Season: Pascal
Day: Saturday
Feast: Easter

~ Behind the name ~
Once upon a time, people used to say 'God-speed', which means "good fortune" to the receiver of the greeting.
The words "fortune" then "treasure" were played around with. A pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk, ergo, a discovery of a "treasure".
Pearl also has a connection to the skin colour chosen for this Angel.
Also, Cassiel is the Angel who governs the Seventh Heaven where God resides; the "pearly white gates".

-In Christian folklore, Cassiel is known as one of the seven Archangels, associated with the Seventh Heaven.
-The Angel of solitude and tears who, presides over the death of kings.



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