Me. Picture

Name: Amer Azmi Rohazam

Age: 20

Codename: S-20.

Occupations: TTS Video Maker, TheAngryGamer, Guardian of Thaipusam,Hari Raya,Aidilfitri,Key Keeper of the 8 Doors To Janhall (Heaven) and Mamphaj (Hell) and United Kid Teen Organization Member.

Sector: U.

Special Weapons: THUNDERWHACKER and Astro Gun.

Special Attacks: ASTRO LAZER, Hand Riffle

Intrests: The Kids Next Door Organization, The Thunder King, Rainbow Monkeys, Thunder Spirits, GoAnimation (GoAnimate),Good Users,Bunnies,Cute Stuff.

Hates: Bullies,Meanies, Bad Users,Hackers,Trolls, Fake VHS Opening,Warren Cook, Anything Evil.

Favorite Games: Age Of Empires II (The Conquerors and The Kings),Rise Of Nations and Thrones And RTN: T&P (Rise Of Nations: Thrones and Patriots),Empire Earth, Age Of Mythology And AOM:TT Age Of Mythology: The Titans,Warcraft 2 The Frozen Throne, Bebe's Kids,Harvest Moon, Inspector Gadget,

Favorite Quotations: Oh Screw You!, NO U, What The Bloody Hell, Get Outta Here, Bloody Hell,Adey (Impreversation of Ow) Holy Tornadoes, Oh My Flipping God!, Oh Dear Me, OUT!!!, NO WAY DUDE, NO WAY HOZEY, Bullsnap!,Holy Snap!, Holy Hell!!!, Oh My God, Allahu Akbar,

Favorite Rage Line: God Dangit Son Of A Turkey Piece Of Dogdookie Mother Flippin' Uranus Screw You All

Fav Shows: Codename Kids Next Door, Lizzie Mcguire, Back To The Future,Scooby Doo,Tom and Jerry, Total Drama

Fav Movies: Aladdin, Inspector Gadget,

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