I'm Hungry Picture

This massive freak is Thanasi's father, Madoc, who has a Celtic name because I ran out of greek names from the list I've been using. He is the son of the babyfur equivalent of Uranus, whom he overthrew in a complex manner. Anyway, like Cronus, he is determined to eat all of his children. Not because he's afraid they'll overthrow him, that would be silly. It's because he thinks they're cuter than he and the other titans are and he won't have that. In this pic, he is about to eat little Christos. Unsurprisingly, he eventually coughs up the children and Thanasi sends him to the darkest pit of the underworld. Also, notice he is wearing a Fundoshi diaper. Why is he wearing a Fundoshi diaper when he's from Greek Mythology? I wanted to draw something else besides a Greek diaper for once.
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