Cronus Picture

Cronus is the god demon of time and wealth. He is the youngest of the current group of god demons.

When Cronus was born his father, Uranus, wanted to kill him because according to their traditions, which follows Greek mythology, Cronus was going to castrate and overthrow him. But his mother, Gaia, wouldn't let Uranus kill her only child. So Uranus told her to leave him and to take the child with her. So she did. Three years later Cronus and his mother were found in the forest by an airship that captured them thinking they were demons. But when their blood was no good for powering the ships warp engines, that require demon blood to function, and after fourteen years of damage to the engines because of it, the captain told the scientists abord the ship to kill Cronus because he would be of no use as he was too young to do tests on. But his mother heard them talking about this and used what little power she still had to force the captain to release him. After he was off the ship they injected her with a Full dose of a chemical that they use to rid demons of their powers. Now she would have no control over the captains next actions which were to find Cronus and kill him simply to spite Gaia. They never found him but they told Gaia they did and tortured her with the thoughts that they were hurting her son.

So Cronus lived for three years on the outside of a village alone until he met a pair of demons that eventually lead him to find his mother and save her from the ship, as well as realize his god demon powers of time manipulation.

Age: 17 years old

Planet: Saturn

Powers: time manipulation

The last small paragraph is the part of his story that I would like to mention lunacri for the rp where these developments are happening.
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