NSG - Chibi Sailor Spring Picture

Sailor : Sailor Spring
Greek Name : Tisiphone
Earth Name : Ella
Planet : Earth
Age : 15 yrs old
Parents : Mother Earth, conceived from the blood of Uranus
Siblings : Megaera [18 yrs old] and Alecto [10 yrs old],
Princess : Princess Tisiphone
Eyes : Crystal Blue - Green
Fav Color : Green
Fav Food : Vegetable
Least Fav Food : Sour Candy & Fat Foods
Powers : Life & Vegetation
-----Offense : Leaf Tornado Spin
-----Defense : Leaf Whirl Masquarade
Likes : Picking fresh grown flowers in her huge garder. Looking at the beautyful princess of the moon (She idolises her) Loves picking on Princess Athropos (Sailor Winter). (Was the only one that DIDN’T get on her nerves.)
Dislikes : The reputation that was given to Furies. (Since she was one of them). The color black. Making food herself, so she always orders "take-out". Seeing her friends quarrel.

History : Tisiphone was also born in the Greek air mythology. she was a powerful divinity that personified conscience and punished crimes against kindred blood, especially matricide. She had three sisters and they were usually represented as winged women with serpent hair. But that was only a legend. In real life, their beauty was so alarming, that men would flock to their magnificence. Their names were Megaera [jealousy], Tisiphone [blood avenger], and Alecto [unceasing in pursuit]. When called upon to act, they hounded their victims until they died in a “furor” of madness or torment.

Tisiphone wasn’t really liked from her siblings. She was always alone and would have if she wasn’t called to fufill her senshi duties. She felt like she was finally needed in the world. As Sailor Spring, she used her powers to warm the frigid blanket of Winter. Planted the seeds and bulbs that would turn into magnificent flowers and lucious green grass.

In her human form, Ella is kinda weird, she follows Usagi/Neo Queen Serenity everywhere she goes. And when she suspects Usagi is looking, she actes like she's doing something else... Secretly, she’s in love with Endymion. She would write poetry and think about Mamo-chan while writing them. But when Usagi-chan found one, she wondered if she was thinking of someboby special. All Ella could answer was « Someone I can never have, because his love will always shine for a more magnificent princess… » Usagi-chan would never imagine she was talking about « HIM » and « HER »


OC belongs to me
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