Gaia "Mother Nature" Profile Picture

Voila! Gaia, also known as Mother Earth but more commonly called Mother Nature. This character will appear in my sequel to Stuck Together which I'll start posting after I finish my other two FOP fics. She's the head sprite and sort of their mother figure. That came about mostly because she's always tending to things and training the other sprites. I know that in mythology Gaia is both the mother and wife of Uranus but this is FOP people so I paired her with Father Time. No I don't know when I'll get his profile pic done.
I wanted to give her a rustic, adventurous personality that you wouldn't expect from looking at her. Her voice would sound like a tough mountain gal or western cowgirl. She does have a sweet nature though and isn't exactly fond of Aphrodite who's a little too refined and dramatic. She gets along best with the Tooth Fairy and Mnemosyne. Since she can't be everywhere at once the sprites work for her (like the cherubs work for Cupid) and help her maintain the Earth and magic worlds. The anti-creature realms fall to the anti-sprites and her anti-self. Once again they're minor OCs so don't expect profile art for 'em anytime soon.
Gaia Version, Chartre, & Art © Agent-Di
Fairly OddParents © Butch Hartman
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