way back in the day Picture

I made up this character when I was like, twelve? Haha instead of cleaning or doing something productive, I'm drawing fan-characters I made up a decade or so ago ;___; I EVEN REMEMBERED MOST OF THE CRAP I MADE UP ABOUT HER haha

*Sailor Tellus (latin for earth, alternate name for Gaia)
*Kuromori Kaida (Kaida Kuromori in western senses, Kuromori is her family name)

Adopted surrogate sister/guardian to Serenity, in the Silver Millenium she was an orphaned earth-girl the queen took in and trained when it was discovered she had awesome-y powers and what not. Was put to sleep with the others when the Silver Millenium ended. When Saturn attempted to destroy Earth in present-day, she re-awakened and eventually joined the sailors for later adventures. Blah blah blah shameless insert of self-made character into well known fictional universe blah :3

She's basically the yin to Saturn's yang, she acts as the cleanup artist after the world is wiped out, recreating life to start fresh. Hence she usually only is active immediately after Saturn is.

Her little kitty friend's name there is Aion, an old alternate name for Uranus, whom was Gaia/Tellus/Terra's lover in mythology.

...okay so it's totally lame but I was in middle school and therefore I thought I was a GENIUS and soooo superduper original. LOL. I wish I could find an old drawing i did in middle school of her, that would be a flippin' riot XD
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