+Uranus Was The Sky+ Picture

This is for Cassy's birthday. She's like, in love with Sailor Uranus. I was gonna give her the actual picture but she'd probly throw it out, so I'm gonna send her the scan.
something horrible happened while I was colouring it...I was sitting, colouring on the couch and....and...
My wet dog...she jumped up right onto the picture O_O
So now around her eye it looks as if her mascara is running...I tried my pest to fix it
Other than that...this turned out really good!! It looks better on paper, my scanner faded the colours a little. I'm so happeh...I love the hair the most. First time I've really done a background.
The title is because, in greek mythology, Uranus was the god of the sky(or he actually was the sky.)

The background idea, and really the idea of how I'd set up the picture came frome this: [link]

Lines: Bic Permo Marker, Sharpie Fine, Edding 86
Colours: Crayola, Prismacolour, and dollar store Pencil Crayons
Other: I used an eraser on the flowers to lighten them in the middle. And I used paper towel to smudgify it.

She made me get my hair cut like Sailor U when we were dating.
I still keep it like that.
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