Grandpa Typhon Picture

(( This is just a quick doodle of what I think Grendy's Granddad would look like.

Typhon ( also known by Typhoeus, Typhaon, etc. but I'm going with Typhon) is known in mythology as the most deadly monster of Greek mythology. He was known as the "Father of all monsters"; his wife Echidna (Grendy's Gran) was likewise the "Mother of All Monsters."

I had a hard time trying to make his face all, i dunno, scary/evil like (cuz he is/was one evil dude) so finally I just was like " Fuq it!" *draws him with a mask*

if you're wondering why he's not in Greek-ish clothes like her Gran, it's cuz I couldn't draw it right.

p.s. Grendy has never met her grandad, let alone knows about him ))
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