KidIcarus oc-Fortuna, the Blind Goddess of Fortune Picture

As her name suggests, she borrows traits from the Roman Fortune Goddess of the same name( [link] ), like being blind & choosing a person at random after deciding a fortune due to being blind(I think), but this Fortuna clearly has no blindfold and similar to how Pit can't fly on his own, her eyes are completely non-functional.
To help with that matter, Palutena, who had changed Medusa into a monster, gave Fortuna two more functional arms(Which is similar to Laksmi, another Fortune Goddess), one to hold her staff, and another to hold a walking stick(There's nothing wrong with her legs).
Despite her blindness, she's a more competent cook than Palutena and a decent fighter, she can grab opponents with up to three of her arms & use the rest to punch them & her allies have to stay out of the way of her attacks as they might get hit on accident.

She looks to be 25, but she's clearly a lot older as she's a goddess.
In Greek there was a Fortune Goddess named Tyche who seems to be Athena's(the base for Palutena) sister, I may consider Palutena & Fortuna to be sisters.
Fortuna belongs to me.

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