Character Design: Hermes Picture

Character designs for my latest characters assignment. We had to create a character and a vehicle for that character. I did a few more characters as I already had a story in mind. Here, you have Hermes, his daughter Tyche and the bounty hunter Artemis.

In the story, currently titled "Messenger's Plight", Hermes travels across the arid desert with his young daughter, Tyche, in order to get her to a place that can hopefully cure her trauma-induced amnesia. However, the same incident that caused the girl's amnesia also landed a bounty on Hermes head, causing him to be tracked down by a handful of bounty hunters, Artemis included. However, the young bounty hunter soon ends up tagging along with the duo after Hermes breaks her arm in self defense.

Most of the names and places, evidently, are based off Greek gods and goddesses. It's still a work in progress story, but one I'm fond of : )
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