Miss Doll Myth: Tyche's LBD Picture


My submission for the Miss Doll Myth pageant, entered early because I was worried someone else might snag the base. The goddess I chose is Tyche, Greek goddess of Chance/Luck -- originally, I wanted Athena, but someone else had taken her so I snagged Tyche instead since after all, she is the real fickle goddess. I dolled her in the dress provided, then decided to go for black fishnet stockings over white stockings. I lightened the base skin color, added in kicky black boots with bright green laces and stared at her bald head for a little. It was REALLY tempting to give her a mohawk but common sense told me that I'd chosen the goddess of luck, not of punk rock. Initially, her hair was shaded green-white, but it looked too much like mould, so I switched it to a more neutral white. The jewelry was a bit of a pain to do -- I like the armband on her bicep, but the cuff on her wrist looks too thick. The choker got decorated with jewels a lot, but I kept removing them because they looked wrong.

The base used came from Angy Chan's doll site, and all customizations were done by me. Please do not use or repost the doll anywhere.
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