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Raylas was sent to Penance University from her native world of Tanali as a show of good faith by the new ruler of Carcharias. Shortly after arriving, Raylas was chosen by Apan to be the Elemental of Water for her generation.

Raylas has been trained all her life to be a soldier. As such, she has become rather blunt in her speaker, regardless of the situation.

  • Tanali Physiology: Being a citizen of Tanali, whose genetic structure is so mixed and diverse, it is impossible to have a pure-bred anything, Raylas is granted certain abilities such as

    • Superhuman Agility

    • Amphibious Nature

    • Superhuman Durability: Being a native of Tanali, Raylas’ body is adapted to withstand the crushing undersea depths of her homeworld.

    • Hydrokinesis: Raylas is able to control and manipulate water such as creating whirlpools, tidal waves, floods, and other watery constructs.

  • Elemental Empowerment: After being mystically empowered by Apan, Raylas’ powers were mystically amplified.

  • Weapons master: Being the Red Dorsal (The head of the Scarlet Fins), Raylas is trained to be a very fearsome combatant, able to hold her own in a fight, regardless of the opponent, as long as she has her weapons:

    • Hook Gauntlets: While normally used for underwater cave-diving back on Tanali, Raylas has used them as weapons for combat her on the surface world. In addition to just stabbing or bashing someone with the hooks, they are also attached to a long cable, allowing them to become grappling hooks.

    • Twin Axes: Forged and given to Raylas on Earth, her twin axe blades are mystically linked to her, allowing only her to lift them or use them. To a normal person, their weight is insurmountable but to her, they are light as a feather.

Thetis is the name of a naiad of Greek mythology.

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