Pre-Hunger Games Theoren Picture

((This is him before he went into the games, and he's from District 4, won the games and is now a mentor. His name's Theoren and he was named mostly after Thetis, who was a lesser Goddess of the sea in Greek mythology, seeing as a lot of things in the Hunger Games seem to be Greek or Roman related, and I'm a big fan of Greek mythology ;-;

But yeah, he wasn't a career tribute technically, and was more of an outcast among the careers because he was never raised as one, and instead worked at his father's fish and boat shop where he sold bait and fish, made nets, fished, and helped fix boats. The careers didn't accept him, and left him to fend for himself. The way he was brought into the Games was by being chosen, and oddly enough no one volunteered for him, but he didn't seem to mind, and won anyways through methods that'll be revealed later.

Also, in the process, he managed to knock out all the cameras in the arena for a couple hours, and when they were turned back on finally he was covered head to toe in blood with a severed arm in his mouth, thus leaving how he won a complete mystery. But since he made a fool out of the Capitol due to the loss of broadcasting for several hours, his father's fishing shop was set on fire in the dead of night with his mother and younger brother inside as well.

Well, yeah. I kinda love this AU Hunger Games thing, and this is him at the age of 16 before he entered the Hunger Games. I'll be drawing another one, but it'll be a current picture of him now at the age of 19.))
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