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'At dawn, his mother returns with a shield and sword and breastplate, new-minted from still warm bronze. She watches him arm and does not try to speak to him.'

page 324 - The Song of Achilles

Because i adore the book, please read it if you enjoy ancient Greek mythology and heroes. It is in fact, my new favourite, knocking Poppy Z. Brites ' Lost Souls? ' down to second.

This is Thetis, sea nymph and lesser goddess. She also happens to be the mother of Achilles. She also happens to be a bit of a hardcore mum. But again, read it, you'll love it. This is before the little extract above, when i imagine her returning from the ocean with her sons new armour.

I'm actually meeting the author on Wednesday with any luck, so I'm trying to get them all done, but this one is the closest to being down. Stuff will probably change, but im running out of time for now. So keep an open mind if you fancy critiquing it, I've not been at my best for a little while. There's alot to do, particularly on the water.

thoughts, favourites and comments always appreciated
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