Like waves on the beach Picture

"Like the waves on a beach, she'll always come back to her."

This belongs to the 'Of Muses and Inspirations' 'verse SapphireLily and I have going on. [link]
The blue haired one is the sister of my Inspiration Horizon.
The third one, The Charmer, the water child. Water is her element and the ocean is her home. She's a hard one to grasp. She's strong and moody, but also distant and unaffected. She does have passion and intensity, but it's mostly trapped to the bottom of her emotions - just like the strong currents of the ocean.
SapphireLily gave her the name 'Amphitrite'. It means the third element (water) and the sea. Amphitrite was the goddess of the sea in Greek mythology and also the consort of Poseidon.

She was always distant to her sisters. Somehow they could never reach her. The only one who continued to try was The Missing One, the second born. The first born Vesta was always too busy with her duties to care for her, but more than that Vesta was of fire and they had a mutual and instinctual dislike of each other - fire and water never could get along.
The only one she is close to is her cousin, the blond one on the right. She reminds the beach - relaxed and patient, shapable, movable and flexible but always there waiting. The two of them just clicked right from the start and have been together ever since.
Her SapphireLily gave the name 'Vela' that means 'shore', 'coast'.

Now I guess I'll have to tell you about the hierarchy of their family...
There's the Main Branch and then there's the Outer branch. On top of everything is The Council of Elders.
The Main Branch are of the five elements (my Inspiration and her sisters are the current ones), and only the Main Branch have the purple eyes.
The first born is the High Priestess (Spiritual guide and protector), the second one is the Heir (Head of Council and Chief of Army), third one is the Charmer, the spell weaver (the one to enchant the quests), the fourt one is the Advisor (a politician) and the fifth one is the "Geisha" (first line of defence - she reseaves and judges the guests).
The Heir is the one who continues on the Main Branch (has to get married and give birth to five daughters). The other sisters may marry and give birth, but they aren't a part of the Main Branch, they are of the Outer branch and therefor don't have the purple eyes. Instead they have the eyes of their mother's element.
You with me so far?
So the mother of the current five elements was of fire (the mother of Vesta, Horizon, Viola), and her water sister gave birth to the blond one - so the blond one got the eyes of her mother's element (blue green of the southern sea) and the nature and personality of the beach.

The Council of Elders is formed by the oldest ones in the family. On the Highest seat is always the Heir (the second born), and the seat is only passed along after the death of the Heir on it. If the Heir is long lived, the seat might skip a generation. The rest of the Council are the oldest ones in the family who want to sit there, no matter the gender or branch.

How fun. Any questions?

Done in 2010 with copics and coloured pencils.

P.S. I'm not sure I like the design of the tattoos on the water child. They might go through re-designing at some point xD So SapphireLily, if you're gonna draw her, you don't have to be so spesific with them
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