Selenians Picture

~callisto-chan updated her Sailor Moon story yesterday, and introduced a new soldier, who was actually a character already in the story. I missed the fact she had become a senshi when looking at the profile pictures before reading the first chapter she updated with (she updated with two), and noticed it in between the chapters.

The picture was so pretty that I sort of got obsessive.

I was also supposed to be working on a program, so that may explain why my muse was so active.
Anyway, with my new obsession in hand, I decided to draw the three 'Selenians' of the story. By Selenian, I mean the three that have some sort of connection to the goddess Selene in mythology. I have a hunch that they are in fact reincarnated Selenians, but we don't know that yet. >.>

Anyway, the middle on is Sailor Selene, but you all knew that. Her connection with Selene is that, well, she's Sailor Selene. And possibly the princess they are looking for...or not, I have no idea. I like how she turned out. I went with her 'good' form, because I wanted to. I highly doubt she and Artemis would ever be seen together in these forms, but meh.

The one on the left is Sailor Artemis. At some point in mythology, Selene was replaced, so to speak, by Artemis. She's also a sort of Venus character, someone who looks like the princess, can pretend she's the princess to protect the princess, but not really the princess...I don't think, anyway. I love her hair. Oh, and a note...not clue what her bow's supposed to look like, so made it up. Artisitic licence.

The odd one out is Endymion. He's the husband of Selene, cast into eternal sleep to preserve his youth, and gives Selene fifty children.
This is also an excuse to draw Endymion, so there you go. His age lines sort of dissappeared under his mask, making him look only a little younger than the other two. I bet he loves that. And I surprised myself by being able to draw it. Yay!

I like it, in anycase. Was fin to draw, and allowed me to draw Artemis! I always loved Serena, espeically when she started to get serious, and now she's a (psuedo) senshi! Yay!
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