OAVATOS means Thanatos in greek.
Thanatos was the greek god of death, and had the job of guarding the borders of the underworld to make sure that souls couldn't get out, and when one did get out, then Hades would send him to retrieve it.
my art teacher told the class to draw ourselves as a god or goddess. me, being the mythology nut that i am, was the only one to know about the greek god of death.
also, i discovered that modern society has a lot of misconceptions of differrent gods and goddesses of varying mythologies.

people, HADES IS NOT A BAD GUY! he just got a bad deal when the three major gods (zues, posieden and him) divided up the world. zues got the sky, posieden the sea, and hades got the underworld.

also, the disney movie has many, many misconceptions about the greek mythology.

1. zues and hera HATED each other's guts.
2. hera hated hercules.
3. hera did not give birth to hercules.
4. hermes was not the god of bands. those were the muses. hermes is the god of roads, travelers, theives, and medicine (hence his staff being a standard medical sign).
5. there were not a whole slew of products involving hercules and his exploits.
6. hades' head never was, and never will be, on fire. also, the underworld was actually three sections:
the Fields of Punishment (hell)
the Fields of Asphodel (purgatory/limbo)
Elysium (heaven)
the Three Isles. (ultra heaven-on-steroids, exclusively for heroes.)

other than that... yes, the three sisters did look like that, but they served no god. they went and did their own thing.
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