Flotation Device: Aresians Picture

Here's my first datasheet for Flotation Device, about the alien species of the aresians.

See, in Flotation Device, all 11 planets in our solar system have native, sentient life on them, and go by names based on Greek mythology instead of Roman lore. If any of you guessed that the aresians are actually martians, then congratulations! Before I begin: TL;DR, the aresians are a tall, green-skinned race that combine a lot of physical elements of the Green Martians from the DC Comics universe, and the turians from Mass Effect, though their culture also gets a lot of influence from the Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40000. They are usually more friendly with humans than other non-human species are. Now, for those of you who like to read, here's the unabridged version:

Aresians are oxygen-breathing omnivores like the humans of Gaia. They are typically taller and wirier than humans when in their natural forms, and their skin colors are usually a shade of green or grey, with most references of them in general using the color viridian to describe their skin tones. They have large, black eyes, and do not naturally grow hair. They are classified as insectoids, or insecto-mammals. Aresians do not have genders as humans do, and are capable of shapeshifting when they enter a monthly period usually equivalent to a gaian-week (7 days on Earth, in real life). This period is equated to the gaian concept of going "into heat", and it is a time in which the aresians become highly emotional and able to change the form of their bodies. All aresians have female and male reproductive organs and cells, but no penile or vaginal extremities like gaians possess. During their shapeshifting periods, aresians can give themselves the organs necessary to impregnate one another, through which reproduction occurs. Despite the absence of human-like genders, it is normal for aresians to possess more feminine or masculine personalities than others, lending to the idea of genders in their culture. Despite the constant bending of the laws of physics in this universe, aresians are not capable of changing their forms beyond their normal physical masses.

The aresians were a warlike people throughout much of their history, and in ages past they were much like the "War of the Worlds" or "Mars Attacks!" versions of martians in real-world pop-culture. They've settled into a niche as one of the solar system's most technologically advanced and martially regimented species since escaping their planet's gravity well. Ares is ruled by the Aresian Technocracy, which, as the name implies, is a meritocracy based in promoting the most intelligent of the people to positions of power. The figurehead of the Technocracy is the Regent-Queen of Ares, who is elected every lifetime by the Technocratic Assembly. While not known for being as warlike as the erisans, aphrodisians, or gaians, many still fear the advanced weapons and military prowess of the aresians. Aresians also control the Viceroyalty of Phobos and the Viceroyalty of Deimos, both on Ares' two moons, Phobos and Deimos; as well as a large amount of territory and holdings in the Ares-Zeus Asteroid Belt. Many aresians are members of the Star System Coalition, which includes the planets and moons of Gaia, Artemis, Ares, Phobos, Deimos, and Demeter.

For most of the time, aresians are stoic and emotionless, with a healthy dose of deadpan and cynicism. When they go into heat, aresians become much more emotional and passionate, often creating brilliant works of art or mechanical marvels thanks to their biological musings, or enjoying themselves through being able to shapeshift and mate with one another. While aresians are stereotypically all business and loyalty until they're in heat, many go on to become outlaws, pirates, smugglers, spies, or assassins. The ability to shapeshift makes these rogue aresians especially dangerous compared to other species. While not as militant or physically strong as some of the other species, they are pretty much equals to humans in combat, and have a refined, military tradition to them that makes even the lowliest aresian thug likely to be an honorable and tenacious warrior. Since forming the SSC with the gaians, aresians have grown fond of humanity, and it is not rare to see humans and aresians form friendships and even romantic relationships.

I think that's it for the aresians. I'm glad this came out okay, and I'll likely have more of these datasheets soon. For the other ones I've completed so far, see below:
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