know that we all fall down Picture

If ever your world starts crashing down
Whenever your world starts crashing down
If ever your world starts crashing down
That's when you'll find (find) me

© All Fall Down - OneRepublic

I haven't been on the computer, nor have had any real time to sit down and put something together in ages. But in a few extra hours I had today after finishing chores about the house, I gathered up my muse to attempt to create Pan (or any other God or Goddess of the Forest) for Freefallin-Design's Mythology Competition... Whilst I do realize most of the issues wrong with it (ie. the lighting, shadows, grounding, etc), I do believe it is showing that my skills are improving with each artwork I complete - and I'm very happy just for that. I'm open to critique if anyone has some to give, rip this manipulation to pieces if you so wish I don't care as long as I learn something.

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