Influence Map - Ancia Picture

(This thing is big, so download it for the full-view. The DA regular full-view isn't bad either.)

I took the influence map a lot of people have been doing and changed it to reflect the influences that have gone into my characters. This one is for Ancia. It was fun but time-consuming. x3 The bigger the square, the bigger the influence here.

Some (hopefully concise) explanations for each box:

1) The biggest and most obvious, Ancia is a naiad, a river nymph out of Greek mythology. Her father is Poseidon and her mother is a muse of the arts (but a muse I made up, since in those days the visual arts were not seen as elevated or worthy enough of a muse. Ancia's mother is therefore my own made-up muse of painting.) She subverts many typical qualities of nymphs, but owes much to them for inspiration. Her homeworld is a land based on different mythologies.

2) From her naive, caring, friendly nature to her affinity for sea creatures and water in general, Ancia can probably trace some of her roots back to Ariel being the star of one of my favorite childhood movies, the Little Mermaid.

3) I'm quite sure I can literally trace back many of my ideas for Ancia from reading the Odyssey and having to memorize some of it sophomore year in high school. More Greek myth influence, a lot of imagery that stuck in my head.

4) Another obvious one, my own interest in water spurred me to create a character who is made of water. I developed this more as I wrote with her more and learned more.

5) Ancia owes much of the inspiration for her outward appearance to Undine, the Summon Spirit of Water from Tales of Symphonia. She might have been where I first got the idea for what a living, humanlike being made of water might look like. Blue "skin"! Watery hair!
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