I stand corrected Picture

Well here's my new character, who really has become my fav! Its funny because I just recently had another male character I created, but he's crap in comparison.

This character I have no idea how (must be the muse in my head) sprang to life in a matter of days. Not only do I have is personality worked out well, but his style.

I really hate thinking of names, but this time as all of my best names...it simply came out of my arse. Yeah...sounds kinda hilarious but its true. Typically when I can't think of any names at all I just randomly blert out some word. That word ends up actually being decent.

This time the world I blerted out, after all my griping was Kyre. I was already settled on a decent last name, because I enjoy good ole mythology. So the name I ended up with was Kyre Hermes. Its in no relation to the god Hermes, at least how he turned out.

Either case his first name Kyre made me think of Kyle mixed with Ire. The part I found extremely entertaining is practically every screen shot I have of him he has this "scowl" on his face...making the word even more related.

I shot this with superI3 ENB, which has FOB, and kills my fps. Its so dam pretty though I'm trying to tweak my system in a strangle hold to obtain maximum fps.
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