The smarmier son of Herakles Picture

Also known as Alexiares, which I completely misspelled on the file name but thankfully not the background.

So I had to come up with a minor badguy working for the bigbadguy in the spontaneous demigod questing rp that Prongsy came up with. So, naturally, I had to dig up some obscure figure from Greek mythology that hadn't been modernized in any way that I was aware of, and try to figure out how I would flesh him out as a character in this alternate universe setting.

All I know is that he's smarmy, athletic, has a twin brother with different mannerisms, carries a frisbee (which could possibly turn into a discus and chop some heads off on its way back to its owner....or possibly he has other weapons, or has grown to care only about athletics and controlling demigod kids and not about guarding Olympus or fighting at all.) Yeah. I don't even know how he speaks or thinks yet, and I'm supposed to write up a good bit of him instigating some attack and holding a muse hostage some time before midnight.... o.o;

So, I keep getting myself into these character things.
Especially when I should be working on other things. *eyes to-do list* But, hey, I'll procrastinate until my next two finals, which are Wednesday, then freak out right before, and then go to Christmas parties and stuff, and then think about the stuff I need to do when I'm trying to escape the family I'm currently missing, because such is life.
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