The Basement OST Picture

Well, I belong to this community.

One of the sub-parts is called the Basement.

This is the official Basement Soundtrack. The first CD is of characters' songs (songs that represent them/that they like) and the second one is basement songs in general.

By the way, the thing on the green cover says " 'We dont' care if you think our party's cool 'cause we do! We dont' care if you had more fun in Sunday School, 'Cause who invited you? Who invited you?' " that's from Who Invited You? By the Donnas. Track 1 on disk 2.

The layout! (c) The Player of Jean-Paul
I dunno where the images came from but they ain't mine. thankyew.


Disk 1: [brackets are the people they're for and their fandom]

1. The Vandals - You're NOt the Boss of Me (Kick it) [Greg Sanders - CSI]
2. The Donnas - Too Bad About Your Girl [Key ( :devubershinything: - OC )
3. Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy [Jean-Paul - Ultimate X-men]
4. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Back [Some - OC (a Grue)]
5. Muse - Sunburn [Phoenix - Final Fantasy (7?)]
6. Footloose - I Can't Stand Still [Pietro Maximoff - X-Men Evolution]
7. David Arkenstone - Heart of Spring [Sennyo - OC]
8. Jack Off Jill - Stawberry Gashes [Wanda Maximoff - X-Men Evolution]
9. Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone [Novak (that's me!) - OC]
10. Iggy Pop - Never Met a Girl Like You Before [Dawn - Buffy the Vampires Slayer]
11. Curve - Chinese Burn [Faith - Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
12. SR-71 - Tomorrow [Jason - Anita Blake]
13. Genitorturers - Razor Cuts [Nate - Anita Blake]
14. The Pixies - Where is my Mind? [Hermes - Greek Mythology]

Disk 2!
1. The Donnas - Who Invited You?
2. The Who - Who Are You?
3. David Bowie - Golden Years
4. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
5. The Clash - Rack the Casbah
6. The Strokes - 12:51
7. Tilly and the Wall - NIghts of the Living Dead
8. Blur - Girls and Boys
9. Aqua - Happy Boys and Girls
10. Placebo - Pure Morning {I'm listening to it right now}
11. Barenaked Ladies - Alcohol
12. Green Day - Basket Case
13. Pink Floyd - Brain Damage
14. Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Super Mario Remix)
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