Amirabelle campus application Picture

Here's amirabelle in uniform! took forever. I dunno if I interpreted the uniform correctly.. New style of coloring same as in bianca's pic

Here is my character for mid witch, Amirabelle. She is a decendant of a siren. She is in the 7th grade and is in the house of summer.

Heres the explanation I posted on the first pic I posted of her.
Soo most of the time, Amirabelle wears those enchanted headphones... Cuz they are her homeade solution to her everyday problem. (the enchantment on the school, also fixes this problem)

Because she is the decendant of the siren Ligeia ('bright voice or light voiced' idunno) her voice is rather distracting (by distracting I mean enchanting and possibly dangerous plus, if that didn't do anything, her eyes go bright when she sings). She wears the bespelled headphones to restrain her powers.
QUESTION: what do headphones have to do with your voice?

ANSWER: your sinuses connect your throat, ears and eyes, so your ears are an indirect route to your throat and your vocal cords.

QUESTION: Aren't sirens sea nymphs?

ANSWER: Sirens were originally refered to in greek mythology as bird women, part bird part woman. (the how much woman and how much bird, varied from tale to tale.) So these bird women were originally companions of Pherosphone. (please excuse my spelling) Then when pherosphone was whisked away by hades and tricked into being stuck in the underworld (only allowed to leave in the spring- hence her position as godess of spring) the sirens were left all on their lonesome. They wished to hold onto their gifts of song and flight (I think pherosphone gave them that originally, correct me if I am wrong) So some other god (I dont remember which, maby it was demeter) said they'd grant them those powers.
OOKay so then continuing with this history lesson, everybody knows they brought sailors to their death with their tempting voices, but what happened? Do sirens die??
---Some say they die when someone defeats them (aka someone hears their song but still escapes and lives?) So someone did defeat them, some peoples on an expedition took the wonderous orpheous with them who out shone the sirens with his musical ability and got the crew safely through the danger.
----Others say that they lost purpose when they were defeated by the muses in a battle of musical talent. Supposedly the muses clipped their wings and left them.
Soo if sirens did exist they wouldn't have their wings.... i think...

QUESTION: Sooo what interpretation of the legend are you suggesting by making up this character?

ANSWER:well, my thought was that, after they lost the battle of the bands with the muses, they would have gone to earth, taking mortal lovers and having children with their gift and with human complexion , but with scars on their back, forever etched by the muses.


7th grade
House: Summer
Has been singing ever since she can remember. She has also been wearing those headphones ever since she can remember. She was homeschooled by her mother (Laisapeth) and her auntie (Fainche) and uncle (Dave). Together, they all live out in the countryside. (Her uncle is her mother’s brother)

Her father doesn’t want anything to do with Laisapeth or his child. Initially as a couple, they were very happy and modern, living in the city, attending the parties, long hours at work. But then, they wanted a baby and marriage. Laisapeth was four months pregnant when she decided to tell her fiancé about her decent and family heritage. That’s where it all went wrong. He called off the engagement and ran out on her. Laisapeth, heartbroken decided to have the child of her first and only true love, hoping someday he might come back. She stayed in the city for a while, always making her change of address well known, incase he came looking but….. It was hard for her to be a business woman with a baby. And hard because a baby siren is more trouble than a regular human child; Supersonic screams, headgear constantly falling off, the occasional talon scratches,-yeah a real bundle of joy. Eventually she couldn’t handle the stress of both positions along with the loss of her love. Her younger brother, a frequent correspondent of hers offered her a place in his house. So she moved in with her brother and his wife.

The siren genes only affect females of the family, but Laisapeth’s brother Dave, was very sympathetic with her plight and took her in. But then came the matter of the other resident of the house, Dave’s wife Fainche. Harboring Laisapeth was one thing that could be done without exposing the family secret, but the child was a whole other. Considering the dangers that could be caused by the misunderstanding, explanation was required. Once things were explained to Fainche, she was eager to help, though a little miffed at being kept out of the information web for such a long time. (Dave’s excuse “It’s not me who has the gene, so why would you have needed to know?”)

When Amirabelle could walk, there were more dangers. Fearless, she climbed out of cribs and playpens with ease, subconsciously preferring high places, she would often try to build things she could climb up on to reach the top of the fridge, and so she could sit and watch her mother cook form the precarious perch. Even as she grew older that subconscious love of heights drove her to often climb up to the roof and spend her time there. Later, when Dave was adding home improvements to the house, her mother asked (no harassed) her brother to build a balcony for Amirabelle along with his construction of the patio. She considered the balcony to be safer than the roof.

Her mother and Auntie, both educated women, decided to home school Amirabelle. That was a lot of work on their part. After the sixth grade her mother felt it better to give an official schooling when the subjects were starting to get more in depth. So she sent her daughter off with excellent test scores to a place she had heard about through the underworld grapevine. The mid witch schools.

Amirabelle has an excellent ear for music. She is at the delicate stage of learning how to sight read music. She is regretful that she is not as talented as other musicians. And her mother would only let her sing unhindered by her bespelled headgear (commonly referred to as “Unrestrained” singing) when they were somewhere in the middle of the villa’s acres of land. When wearing headphones in public, her reason stated is that she has scars on her ears. Her mother uses the excuse that she has an ear problem. (Her device is of a more subtle design, she mostly covers it with her hair so she doesn’t get many questions.)
Though she’s been homeschooled, she is more outgoing than you would think. She is very excited to get out there and meet new people. She expresses a lot of emotion, which is, I know a spring trait. She is in the house of summer because she isn’t quite so used to the aggressive study schedule of a school.
Random quirks include; she can become punch drunk quite fast, this is why her mother tells her that even as an adult she should never drink. Amirabelle doesn’t really know that she has this problem, because she’s never had a drop of any alcohol touch her lips (her mother made sure of that). All the ones that receive the siren gene have issues with alcohol. It is overpowering to them and greatly affects their judgment and motor skills. (I mean that happens with normal people, its just it takes a lot less giggle water to disorient sirens than it does for humans). So as you can imagine drinking is out of the question. (Also for some reason, when they drink, they have the urge to not conceal their powers (or to “go unrestrained” which is the slipping off of their restrictive head gear and letting out the powers of a Siren.)

So like, Amirabelle’s Uncle manages the local bank (in the small nearby town) and her Auntie is a part-time EMT. So what does Laisapeth, a former business woman do in a small town to make a living for 12 years? Her occupation in the small town originates with an idea her brother had. He was thinking about not only managing a daytime bank for the townspeople, but also running an underground night time bank for other not so human customers (the magical creatures, beings, ECT.) His problem? He couldn’t even begin to start something like this because it is very hard for a seemingly human and normal man to break into underground magic circles. He tried going to a market his mother had taken him to as a child, but was repeatedly repelled with different enchantments (subtly, random detours appearing ect.). He would contact his mother, but she can only give him so much info, and she cannot give him any good employees, all her friends are retirees. Laisapeth’s connection to the modern magic world was just what he needed to start the business. First they hired an architect sorcerer to help them excavate an underground site for the bank and create and alternative entrance (for those who don’t want to go through town streets to go to the bank) via underground tunnel. Actually less expensive than you might think, it’s faster and safer to build underground structures with the aid of Architecture Sorcerers. Laisapeth first rounded up customers then hired one security personnel and one clerk (both actually capable of protecting themselves really, (you’ll find out who they are because they became family friends). Laisapeth is the manager of the nighttime bank (which is legally considered a business partner with the daytime bank). Laisapeth , though a manager, works out in the open (she doesn’t have a special office or anything, they do have a break room though). The bank is run for ten hours a day, and the rest of the time, the underground ATM is open for those who can’t go to a regular ATM. As you can imagine, the bank is run differently than most human banks, with safety deposit boxes being a given (they are free) when you start an account (in the business world today safety deposit boxes cost outrageous amounts monthly but that’s all banks used to be, safety deposit boxes). Loans for odd things (like underground tunnel construction). And other services not sympathizable with human banks. But best of all- a credit card under the same company as the one at the human bank which was widely accepted (but I can assure you the magical bank has more customized paying schedules). The bank eventually started working on credit too. Magical creatures need good credit to get jobs buy houses and do other normal things.
So now that Amirabelle’s in school, will Laisapeth change her occupation? Or has the magical community grown on her?
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