Eros and Pysche Picture

My muse is sort of going nuts with this story, so I figured I would go ahead and so a sort of cover/couply picture of these two, mostly because I could.

This was originally going to be a direct redo of this picture, mostly to show how much I improved over the last six years. Eros turned out great, actually, but Psyche refused to come out as well, so I decided to try a different tactic, and put them in a more stereotypical pose for me. It seemed to do the trick.

The main thing I wanted to do was have Psyche holding the arrow, since it's all ~*~symbolic~*~ and whatnot. Most of the pictures I've down of the two of them have her holding his bow and/or arrow. I think in this version, though, he's going to fall for her naturally and not because he's so struck by her beauty that he accidentally gets himself with his arrow. (That was one thing that got me with the myth; Cupid does in fact stab himself with the arrow meant for Psyche to fall for some monster, so did he really love her, or was that an effect of his own magic. Wait, maybe that could be a plot point. >.<)

I really like how these two turned out. Eros is like, woah, dark, but still incredibly hot, of course. He's a God, he's sort of allowed to be. Pysche is pretty as well, but she's allowed, too.
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