From Vesta to Hestia Picture

This is the oldest of the four sisters of my Inspiration Horizon. Previous picture, the first of her, can be found here: [link] . The whole story of "Of Muses and Inspirations" can be found in my journal, here: [link] .
In this pic she's going through the transformation of from Vestia, the firstborn daughter, older sister, to Hestia, the High Priestess, Priestess of Ashes.

She was responsible of their spiritual guidance as their High Priestess, their Priestess of Ashes. She was of fire. She was their candle light, warmth in their fireplaces, their friend, protection and strenght. That's the reason SapphireLily gave her the name Vesta, and her Priestess personality Hestia - "in Roman/Greek mythology, respectively, she was the goddess of hearth".
But she died, because she burned too bright. Fire is unpredictable and in the end she was too. Her death is shrouded in mystery, just as her life was. The people only saw her outer image, her sisters saw the real her. She was powerful and real, with kindness for her sisters and temper for the ones who hurt them. In rememberance of her, everyone in the family wears red somewhere on their person.
After her death the Elders in the family hid the real circumstances of her death and promoted her as a saint, to the Princess of Ashes. She's even more loved after her death, to everyone but her sisters. They just miss her, but still believe she's with them - Vesta herself believed that everything was linked together, in eternity and rebirth and karma, so why shouldn't they?

For this I got inspiration from celtic tattoos and symbols. As a pristess she has given herself to balance, to nature. It's a neverending circle, life. She has embraced it and lives by it. The celtic symbols represent that philosophy fully and that's why I thought them appropriate.
The centerpiece of her headdress is a combined heart and a triquetra (symbol of trinity). Someone labeled it as "sister love", so that's why I chose it. Triquetra (you can find the basic triquetra in her left bracelet) is a common but powerful symbol. It seems simple, but the meaning is multilayered. It represents any trinity: earth, sea and sky; mind, body and soul; mother, maiden, child; mother, wife, sister; father, son and the holy spirit.
The rest of the headdress is a loop of "lover's knot", that is used in engagement rings, because they represent marriage. You can see this in her right bracelet, on her left ring and on the red string across her midsection (yes, the whole red string is done in this. What can I say, boredom breeds insanity). This one is because she's basically married to her position and canät find the time or devotion to anyone else.
There's also the circular symbols on her yellow edged outer robe (the robe of which you can only see the outer edges). Confusingly, this also seems to be labeled "lover's knot", but this has four interwoven triguetras inside a circle, representing the sun and feminity (and as you know, she and her sisters are female, and the sun represents life and her fire).

As violet flower represents the youngest sister Viola, and a butterfly represents the second youngest Horizon, Vesta's symbol is a fiery coloured feather - in the honour of the fire bird pheonix, the symbol of reborn, hope and eternity (how original of me, don't you think ;D ).

As events go, first Vesta/Hestia, the child purified with fire, the daughter destined to become their High Priestess, was born. After that came the "Missing sister" / "the Wanderer". After her the daughter of water was born. And after her came the child of the air, our very own and beloved butterfly, Horizon. And lastly with their fragile Violet, their evening star, the five was full.
Not long after Violet was born did things start to fall apart. Vesta died, and almost straight after that the second daughter became M.I.A. The water child secluded herself, and violet only had Horizon - until the pressure grew too much for her to bear and she also left and came to me (permanently).

Done is 2010, with copics and coloured pencils as a Valentine's card for my friend Itu-chan.

I also want to say that I am no means an expert in celtic symbols. If I've made a mistake, you can correct me, but please be kind about it. Flames will only feed your own hate, show your small-mindness and waste my time. The celtic symbols are old, and there's no official written record of them, so everything I've found on the internet may be fiction or just a misunderstanding. I mean no disrespect, quite the opposite.
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