First-Haven App: Aprella Picture

Name: Aprella

Gender: female

Species: Muse (daughter of the Greek Muses)

D.o.b.: May 16

Age: 21 (physically)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 92lbs

Eyecolour: grey-green

Haircolour: white

Name of Star: Aminita (means defender)

Orientation: Bi- depends on who she deeply cares for

Personality: Quiet, shy, tends to be soft spoken and a loner at times

Likes: singing, music, reading, painting, romance, and (silly) cloud/star gazing

Dislikes: out of tune instruments, being forced to sing, losing her voice

Abilities: Story telling like most muses of ancient history-mainly epics, dancing, mainly anything artistic

Weaknesses: the dark, she is afraid of the dark and thunderstorms

History: Aprella only knew that her family originated from Greece and that her grandmother was called a Muse. She assumed it was just because she told the older storiesof Odessyus like she knew him personally until her 7th year when her black hair rapidly turned white and her eye color turned abnormal. She then lived with her Grandmother learning the traditions and the secrets of her families Godly lineage. She remembers vaguley sitting with her "sisters" in a dreamlike state as they sang the glory of Zeus however, she doesn't know if it was a dream or not. She lived in that state for years until she was told how she needed to know how to blend in with normal people and was sent back down to live on her own for a while.
She wandered alone and was chased by the mythological creatures she thought only existed in stories. She was forced to sing for the amusement of darker ones and as attacked by sirens who envied who she was. It wasn't long until she as found by someone who wouldn't harm her but she still hesitated for the help..

She rarely speaks cause her voice is melodious and pleasing to the ear
She doesn't go near men very often
Her wrists and ankles are scarred from shackles
Eyes are rarely seen
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