Demi God Couple Picture

With the knowledge that I'm within days of finally receiving my copy of Underworld by Meg Cabot, which got my muse going on this story to begin with, my muse has been prepping for an all out assault for whenever I actually get to read the story. Hopefully, this only lasts a few days, which I do have The Gatekeeper I want to work on, but I welcome the muse change, even for a little bit.

Apparently, this morning, my muse decided it didn't want to wait anymore, and this cliched picture. >.O Not like I'm arguing...much...

I think it was the idea of drawing Psyche in this outfit (although originally the shirt had stripes...the idea of putting her in plaid was too strong), espeically with the striped socks and the Converses. I like to think of her style as somehow hip, but with a touch of her own personalization. Which I think is achieved here. She's certainly nothing like her sisters, that's for sure! I really like what I have for her hair now, since it sort of has that popular girl look, while at the same time could be passed for just a normal, geeky girl like Psyche.

And then there's Eros, looking strangely good in blue. Why does he look good in blue? He's the God of Love, for Heaven's sake! Luckily, he does also look good in red, but that shirt was just too pretty a color not to use, and he looks great in it.
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