Karalis Sisters Picture

Basically, due to the power being out on Sunday, I randomly chose to read Meg Cabot's Abandon before going to bed, having nothing better to do, since it's my favorite of her books. And since that story deals with Hades and Persephone (sort of), it jogged my muse a little on this story, at least to the point where I wanted to draw something from it. I decided on Psyche and her two sisters, just because I sort of wanted to design/draw them.

I put them in order from oldest to youngest, so it's Penelope, Pheobe, and Psyche.

Penelope is the oldest of the sisters at 23. She has a slight but more class than her sister, but only because her social circles call for it. She's currently married to a billionaire entrepreneur who happens to be over twice her age at 50, whom she's cheating on because she only married him for his money, and won't actually sleep with him (she thinks the idea is gross). They had eloped, since her father would have never approved of the marriage, obviously, and Mr. Karalis absolutely despises her husband. She only cares about sex and money and likes to perceive herself as the most important person in the entire world, and tends to get annoyed when other people don't share her opinion.

Pheobe is the middle sister at 20. While she's not at classy as her older sister, she's a little bit smarter, mostly because she's had to lift herself from her sister's shadow a little, and she wants people to see her for herself rather than Penelope Karalis' younger sister. She's currently engaged to a pro football player who only wants her as a trophy wife. Her father likes her fiancee better than Penelope's husband only because he happened to meet the guy once before they got engaged (and they're not eloping). He still hates him, though. Pheobe, like Penelope, is only interested in sex and money, but she has the added interest of seeing how many tabloids and entertainment programs she can get into. She treats people like they're her own personal slaves, although she doesn't get that made when some people don't treat her like a queen.

Pysche is the youngest sister at 17 (Yeah, I made her a high school student rather than a college student because I can deal with them better). She, as you can tell, is pretty much the polar opposite of her sisters. Her interests stem far greater than material things, and she spends most of her time reading or studying, as she cares little for social interaction. She believes that brains, not necessarily looks, are the most important thing that a person can possess (although it couldn't hurt to look nice as well), and is still looking for that perfect guy who loves her for simply being her, and not because of her surname or the fact that she's nearly one hundred percent plastic like her sisters. She is, of course, her father's favorite, since the two are very similar, and he has ever faith that the guy she ends up with will be his favorite as well. (If he only knew...)

I had a bit of fun with this, mostly because I was experimenting with Penelope and Pheobe's, you know, breasts, since they're supposed to be rather...sluttly. I really like how the both of them turned out, though; they certainly look the part they're supposed to play. >.O And there Psyche is, looking like a normal 17 year old girl, and holding Cupid's arrow. >.> Poor girl, so barely looks like she's related to them, but sadly, she is. Hee, I have it planned that, despite the fact that her sisters live in this humungous mansions and their men are loaded...they still hang around at home and bug the living crap out of Psyche for unknown reasons. Poor, poor Psyche.

This turned out rather nice, me thinks.
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