Atlas Shrugged Picture

For those of you who may recognize the title, yes this piece was inspired by Ayn Rand's novel. But not that much. While reading the novel, possibly the part where John Galt's identity is revealed I think, I came up with an interesting idea for a series of pieces.

The idea of the piece was to do some pieces on Greek Mythology expressing the strength of the human character. It's a little vague at this point, since it's just one of my many musings, but I was trying to show the true strength of Ancient Greek gods and heros.

For instance, in the story of Atlas, he was one of the Titans who lost the war with the gods. I forgot the specifics of his crime, but his punishment was to hold up the Earth for eternity. For those of you who've read Atlas Shrugged, you know what he would do in a few minutes because of the weight of the burden he was never obligated to carry.
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