Virgin Huntress Picture

So work varies between godawful and halfway decent without warning. And it has nothing to do with the amount of time spent on the piece!

Spent maybe a couple hours on this, and it looks better than half the stuff I've been spending hours and days on trying to make presentable. Sigh.

It still looks scruffy though. Grar.

Curse you art muse for coming awake at like 2am. By the time I'm done, posted, and finished resizing (which I swear takes longer than painting half of the thing, aaaagh, I fail at technology), and worked a little on writing, it's already 6! And then there's no point going to sleep anymore, is there?

Rawr. At least I'll sleep well tonight.

A remake of an...older character. I finally decided that Alay can provide main-narrator-shoes for Ali/Tails' story, and in honor of the occasion she deserved her own portrait.

I adore mythology, and a good deal of their story is centered around the myths of Orion and Artemis/Diana. One of said goddess's titles is the Virgin Huntress. This actually does have plot importance too, imagine that!

Necklace was supposed to be silver (Artemis is the silver archer), with a red stone for the blood sacrifices dear Artemis is so well known for.

Which amuses me, because it's her mother who's Artamis, whereas Alay wouldn't really be looking for blood sacrifices... Oh well.

Alania Dian (Alay) are mine

[E] Alright, the link is being stupid. But there's an almost steps for painting in my scraps, if anyone's bored enough...
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