Myth Series: Artemis + Apollo Picture

Second image in the series, this time with the brothers Artemis and Apollo, the hunter gods, sons of Zeus and Leto.

"Artemis, in Olympian Greek mythology the daughter of Zeus and of Leto and the twin sister of Apollo, was one of the most widely venerated of the gods (...) in later times she was combined with the Roman goddess Diana. In Etruscan mythology, she took the form of Artume. Deer and cypress are sacred to her." More info about Artemis' symbols, asociated myths, etc, at wikipedia [link] & in spanish (;.

"In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo was the archer-god of medicine and healing, light, truth, archery and also a bringer of death-dealing plague; as the leader of the Muses (Apollon Musagetes) and director of their choir, he is a god of music and poetry." More info about Apollo's symbols, myths, etc at [link] and [link] (spanish).

And I don't feel like explaining every single color and element: everything is there for a reason (;

Yes, the composition is weird, and yes, this time I left a lot of elements, I tried to add more interactuaction than static symbols randomly placed. And yeah, it's a lot different from my "usual" stuff, maybe I'm so attached to classical representations of this kind (:

And see the Making Of. I'm taking snapshots of all the process in the images of these series because I've to use them as a complement for mi uni tesis this year : P

Models: *justmeina & `FantasyStock. The rest from / personal resources.

Thanks for looking! =]

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