Forever Love Picture

Happy happy happy birthday my darling bardo! you lived a quarter of a century and you are a man of experience I finally finished the drawing I promised you ... it was supposed to be celebrating our one year anniversary, shame on me! but it still does The subject is one I find very special : me and him as mythical Selene, Goddess of the Moon, and Endymion, her beloved one. (he looks more like and Apollo, but I did it on purpose because hes the God of Art and Poetry and so is my darling bardo!) The lyre and the leaves on his ears show that he is an Aed, the ancient greek bard Since theyre both divine they should glow in the darkness with the moon..
its a very special scene for it is one of our most ancient memories,when he called me his Goddess, Muse and Selene and I called him my Endymion and bard. I mixed everything and thats what came out! I love it particularly as I am so fond of Ancient Greece!
Im quite satisfied except for his shoe and some other small details... but we soldier on!
I tried giving both a romantic and sensual atmosphere by dressing them poorly ( Is not as wonderful as your anniversary drawing to me , my love, but I still hope you will love it

characters are © me, =karusuman
image is © me
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