Groups Of DemigodsSpirits Picture

*By group, left to right*

The Graces:
Aglaia (Grace of beauty)
Euphrosyne (Grace of delight/joy)
Thalia (Grace of Blossom)
The Furies:
Alecto (the angry)
Megaera (the grudging)
Tisiphone (the avenger)
The Fates:
Clotho (the spinner, determines time of birth and destiny)
Lachesis (the one who measures the thread to determine the length of life)
Atropos (the thread cutter, determines the time of death)
The Horae: *the names vary*
Eiar (personification of spring)
Theros (personification of summer)
Phthinophôron (personification of autumn)
Kheimôn (personification of winter)
The Muses:
Calliope (muse of epic and lyric poetry)
Clio (muse of epic poetry and history)
Erato (muse of love poetry)
Euterpe (muse of music)
Melpomene (muse of tragedy)
Polyhymnia (muse of hymns and sacred poetry)
Terpsichore (muse of dance)
Thalia (muse of comedy and pastoral poetry)
Urania (muse of astronomy and astrology)

*i made these on this is website*
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