Arkheion Mnemosyne Picture

Arkheion Mnemosyne


Arkheion Mnemosyne is an elderly marble Titaness who is known as the Titan Librarian. This kindly figure is renowned for archiving all sorts of celestial information. This ranges from the oldest of info such as when the Titans had their first meeting on matters concerning the universe, to the most recent such which race on which planet had finally evolved beyond their stone age. Like any well meaning librarian, Mnemosyne is willing to share her vast wealth of knowledge with anyone willing to learn, be they god or mortal. Though usually kind, she however hates those who do not value knowledge. She hates more those who either promote ignorance to others or selfishly keep knowledge to themselves.

Among her achievements, Mnemosyne is said to have helped many races learn how to read and write. She is also said to have helped many races in their development of their own library systems. Mnemosyne is also the mother of the Muses, mystical beings who inspire mortals in the creation of literature and the arts. Thanks to her and her daughters, the universe is said to have become a more enlightened and learned one.

It's not known exactly what Mnemosyne did during the Titanomachy as she was one of the less violent Titans. However whatever she did, it appears that it was enough to make her leave with the other Titans. She still gives knowledge to those who seek it though finding her has become more of a challenge than it was all those millenia ago.


*Based on Mnemosyne from Greek Mythology [link]
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