AoT - The Weight of the World Picture

Another fanart piece for Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin



Well I was supposed to sleep last night, but instead this happened.
My muse struck me to draw right as I should have been heading to bed (at least this means drawing did not cut into my commission work, ha!)

Attack on Titan anime SPOILERS BELOW do not read if not through episode 8

The scene with the boulder from episode 13 really made me think of Atlas. In Greek mythology Atlas was the primordial titan who held the celestial sphere on his shoulders as punishment by Zeus. A common interpretation today is that Atlas was forced to hold the world on his shoulders... and well Eren in a way was not just shouldering that boulder as he carried it to the wall to block the gate, he was also carrying the hope of the world on his shoulders.


Having a (very useless) AA degree in art and having sat through 3 courses of art history classes featuring art aging from practically the dawn of man to modern day the form of Atlas that came to mind was the Farnese statue of Atlas, the oldest known depiction of Atlas, which is what this is directly based upon.

So yeah, art history meets anime, hope ya like X3


The original image is only 8 inches tall so please excuse the graininess.
Mechanical pencil done freehand on card stock paper, lightly touched up digitally.

- - - - - -

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Attack on Titan was one of my best anime viewing experiences ever, if not THEE best anime viewing experience I have ever had.... it's been years since an anime literally made me flail and verbally react to what what happening.

So much about this anime is just so good, amazing amazing music (seriously at times the music made this anime) nice compact to the point interesting story, top notch animation, engaging characters, the ever present sense of danger... and the emotion of this show, that is the real backbone.

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