Muses Picture

Ah, damn you

Calliope (Tsunade) - fair-voiced; the most noblest and oldest
Muse of the group. She is the Muse of epics.
- Well she is old and hot, what more can I say?
Clio (Shizume) - she who extols; she is the Muse of history.
- She's intelligent for her standards.
Euterpe (Temari) - she that gladdens; she is the Muse of lyric song.
- She has stolen Tayuya's Greek double flute, kukuku.
Thalia (Ino) - she that flourishes; she is the Muse of comedy and bucolic poetry.
- Very outspoken for a character.
Melpomene (Sakura) - she that sings; she is the Muse of tradegy.
- We all know she'd been through a lot. She could use a hug.
Terpsichore (Tenten) - she that rejoices in the dance; she is the Muse of dancing.
- She seems to be the althetic type.
Erato (Anko) - the lovely one; she is the Muse of erotic poetry.
- We ALL know she can be slutty, hehehe.
Polyhymnia (Hinata) - rich in hymns; she is the Muse of serious sacred poetry.
- She has this pensive look in her.
Urania (Kurenai) - the heavenly; the Muse of astronomy.
- Too wise for her good...
Orpheus (Jiraiya) - the wanderer; the male Muse of music.
- Eh, well, he INSPIRES 'sweet music'
Anyway, I seem to be more into my books lately. Thanks for viewing!

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