Influence map Picture

From left to right (sorry for the English fail, I'm not really paying attention to what I'm typing atm):

1. The Rasmus
First band I was into, the singer loves crows and used to wear crow's feathers in his hair. I used to think he was really good looking, now I really don't understand why. I also used to wear feathers around my neck (a self made necklace).
2. Sunset
I love sunsets, and nice cloudy skies in general. The colours make me happy and they always make me want to draw.
3. Forest
Forests are nice and even though I feel better when I'm walking over an open field, forests have something mystical about them and they are very inspirational to me.
4. Crow
Jackdaws, crows and ravens are so badass. I love how they're entirely black. They're also able to make lots of different sounds. I love birds in general but these creatures always seem to inspire me. This started years ago while I listened to The Rasmus but it became a real part of me now. I've drawn lots of crows, too.
5. Raindrops on glass
Just as much as I like driving now, I used to like sitting in the back of the car while it was raining. I followed the journey of each raindrop on the car window and used to make up stories about how the droplets help each other to get to the ground as fast as possible.
6. Paul van Loon
A dutch writer of horror stories. The stories were never extremely scary, because he only writes books for children. They were very inspirational and original to me, though. I've read some of his books recently and I still like them.
7. African Wild Dogs
Possibly my favourite animals. There's something about how they look and act, long legs, a weird coloured fur without real patterns and always social towards each other, no matter what. That's what I like about doglike animals in general (I also love wolves). They live within a pack and even though they have their own character they help family and friends. Just like we do. And they aren't as ugly as apes.
8. Mike Shinoda
Another one of my former celebcrushes
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