2011 Art Meme Picture

This was fun and odd at the same time. Like time-traveling!

Let's see, it started with...

January: "Revolution is Change"
A bit darker and weirder than what I usually posted at the time. I tried to bring across this theme of a descent into insanity, and affecting a population. The repetition reminds me of a chorus in a song. Actually, it's quite sing songy in my mind.

February: "Sense? Nonsense? Meaning"
Influenced by a particular Vocaloid producer, if I remember correctly. It began as a vent piece obscured by mangled metaphors and wordplaytorture, but it's really hard to tell that by just reading it. This was one was more thought-out than my previous poetry. Also apparently I inadvertently caused dain bramage XD

March: "Prologue- Surreality"
Oh, this! This began on a whim and on my fascination with Alice in Wonderland. Surreality's a very capricious piece. I would write one chapter a day, read it over the next and post it. Rinse and repeat. It was fun, an experiment in a long-running composition. Then it died. It had too many flaws for comfort, so I restarted it much later in the year.

April: "Non Compos Mentis"
Inspired by a Wiki Walk. I love character dialogues like this, they're very fun to write. More insanity! There's lots of insanity this year. Alice in Wonderland references too.

May: "Surreal Stained Glass"
I wrote this for a poetry contest at school. More craziness, and the Alice in Wonderland refs too. Puns, rhymes, general wordplay... that pretty much sums it up. This... i don't know what this poem means XD It's experimental, I guess.

June: "Time for Wonder's Land"
Meh. This one lives off of craziness, Alice, and Vocaloid song titles. The occasional rhyme is nice, though. Very... trippy? I don't know. Whimsical.

July: "A Song of Earth and Green"
Inspired by a Vocaloid song of epic. It's some strange hybrid of prose and poetry. Also dabbling in the post-apocalyptic. I like this, I remember being scared it wouldn't turn out well because I edited and fussed over it so much. The formatting was experimental as well. I like it. ^^

August: "Wonderlandic Surreality- 3"
Bothered by the vices of Surreality, I strived to remake it. This happened. A Crazy, Strange, Wonderlandic Surreality. I can't believe how pleased I am with the twin characters in this. They're fun and fascinating to write. I hope the remake keeps the wonder strangeness of the original while repairing the flaws and just being better.

September: "Tell Me, Muse..."
Esso's prize from my contest. Filled to the brim with references to Greek mythology. Not much to say about this, but for some reason I'm comfortable in dialogue-only pieces. Or, maybe I'm just uncomfortable with description? Hmmm...

October: "Mirror, rorriM, on the Wall"
Part of my vow to write some Halloween-inspired pieces. This was the first, if I remember leftly. Slipping into the comfort of insanity and repetition-based poetry. I'd like to think it's creepy. I find it creepy, but then again my mind has a kind of video for it in my head. A creepy circus theme, which I'm morbidly fascinated by for some reason.

November: "Quiet Breath"
For Topaz's contest. I could only muster this, because I was participating in NaNoWriMo. Though I'd like to think it turned out pretty well. ^^ It's very narrative-driven and descriptive, right? Hm.

December: "Shattered"
Written to get rid of writer's block, I think. It's a supplementary piece to another. Again, fully descriptive and stuff with no dialogue, mostly because I didn't want to make their identities overly obvious. And it reads like a flashback to me. I like this a lot.

So to recap, in poetry I fall easily into repetition and themes of insanity. In prose, I'm more comfortable with only-dialogue or only-description pieces. In both, I adore Alice Allusions.

Now for the new year of arting! \(^o^)/
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