Suprema girl of our dreams Picture

Here is another one from me ladies and gents ..Also in tandem with the ever impending news of the re-launch/Re-Imagination or Re-Vamp of Extreme Studios in 2012 I was and still inspired by this news to illustrate another piece around this glorious subject . one of the other reasons I am really excited about is Erik Larsen is going to be working on Supreme . (He is one of my Artistic/Creative Heroes and Savage Dragon in particular ^_^ ) and add that he will be finishing up Alan Moore`s Run with his last unreleased script .

also with the prospect of him just Making the rest of it his own after that . so knowing myself and How I know How Erik Larsen is An Awesome Creator and Alan Moore`s Unique take on the Whole Supreme Mythology into something truly Amazing . but enough of me waxing Poetic about the ooh so exciting subject of my Fan Art Piece know onto the my latest Fun Picture of the Day/Night (well where ever you are ?)

anyways I drew up my little Rendition of Supreme`s Classically Heroic Sister Sally Crane but better known as Suprema ! I was yet again inspired by the art of Bruce Timm (namely his design work on Superman:the animated Series ) with the bright colors and the classic art deco style futurist stuff . and also the Silver Age Supergirl`s Look from that era . so far enough I decided to Put the two in a Blender and went Crazy with that ideal .

so while drawing I was wondering if ..( be for warn this thought was in my head for a good three months now ) what an Bruce Timm styled Animated Series would look like so this was My Humble Attempt to try and draw a little like that with one of Supreme`s Supporting Characters and Sally was it . so when I finished it I looked at it and then said to myself ..This is what I can see it done (if it would ever be done but who knows what the future brings ) but for now this Picture and many more after it would just be my wild musings . so now without further adue

I present Suprema

by Tsujigo+Ink
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