Vent Art: Take It All Away Picture

My therapist encouraged me to try drawing some vent art, so here's my first attempt. I'm not very good at drawing human faces yet, but vent art doesn't have to be perfect.

The lyrics are from the hauntingly beautiful "Take It All Away" by Red:

You watched me while I slowly disappeared
I reached for you to save me; you were frozen in your fear

I'm breaking; I can't do this on my own
Can you hear me screaming out? Am I all alone?

If only it said "indifference" rather than "fear," it would describe my relationship with my mother perfectly. She never protected me from my abusive half-brother, she told me the abuse was entirely my fault for being lazy and I deserved it, and she ignored me for TEN YEARS when I asked for professional help for my depression, suicidal thoughts and near-crippling panic/anxiety problems. I was trying to capture my isolation and despair in her expression. It doesn't look the way I envisioned it, but I still like it.
The character is my fursona and muse, Zhenzhu. She's wearing an eyepatch because I'm missing an eye in real life. She's a cross between a human and a species I made up for my in-development webcomic by combining physical and behavioral traits from nine different mythological creatures. (Obviously these include the Manticore and Nekomata, but the rest will remain secret for now.) Her design is based on the clouded leopard, but I think I failed at her tail design. The dark streaks in her hair are sprouting from the spots on her scalp (which are visible on her bare skin, just like a tiger's stripes). The most distinctive markings would be along her ribs, but you ain't seein' those.
Her clothes are inspired by the dress of the Shaolin monks, with the addition of a short skirt like the ones sometimes worn with the ruqun because my muse thought it looked better that way. Also, I just realized, because my little niece looks cute when she wears a short skirt over her jeans, and my muse wanted that look too. I probably screwed something up and I apologize if I did.
Considering this is the first time I've tried drawing someone in this position (and the first time I've drawn the palm of a hand) I don't think I did too terribly, but it's still going to be a long time before I can start my comic.
Made with PSE 7 and my tablet. Immediately after finishing it, I drew this one. I have such a fickle muse.

Edit: Zhenzhu is now the star of my new little comic, My Evil Muse. (She lost the eyepatch for this one, but it'll be back when I do her very serious backstory in a few years.)
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