"Look, Brother..." Picture

"...Look at your land. Your dynasty. I have twice as much land. I have many consorts and children, who have gone on to become mighty and renown. I have fought more battles and won more respect. Your treasure hoard is modest, while mine is rich."


"And yet, how is it, Tian...how is it that the grass is greener here? The land flourishes, unlike the desert I have. You have the ultimate trust of the humans. Emperors come to you for wisdom. One of the nobles has even offered to return to the ancestral form to become -your- consort. How does this make you happy, happier perhaps than I?"

"Perhaps it is only because I am not you, Zheng."


Just another picture to sate my muse and my love of dragons. I liked the one I drew in "Keeper of the Red Pearl" enough that I made another picture slightly diving into a mini-universe. x3 One thing's for sure, Asian dragons are fun to draw, and the mythology behind them fun to play with.

Just enough not to get anyone mad though, I hope.
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