Dreamy In Green Picture

This piece goes with my earlier work, Thoughtful In Blue. More Ki-rin. YAY! No. Um. Yeah. I was GOING to do a trilogy (yes, a trilogy!) of Asiatic mythological creatures, but I got hung up on the tengu and then just decided to do color-themed Ki-rins. Because they're fun and look reasonably like what they're supposed to. And it's fun to say Ki-rin. And I like the Ki-rin from Pet Shop of Horrors.
There are a bunch of little technical problems that I have with this, but I think she looks all right in the end. Kinda like Flatline.
Yay for dresses!!!
*feels just a LITTLE loopy right now*
And there's a third Ki-rin to come...though I know not what color. *muses*
No, I don't understand what she's supposed to be doing.
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