_MermaiD_ Picture

I realised I hadnt been book shopping in a while, yes ladies and gents, im a worm of the book origin. Most of the time its where I spend all my life, sunk in some book, reliving the mythological events of the Never Never. But hey, we all gotta do something right?
So, I went shopping as the first line says, and I found a couple of really cute "Kids Draw" books, now these are USAmerican in origin and they cheered me up no end. DIY cartooning books, so cute. Anime one and "Angels, Elves, Fairies & More", inside this last one was Mermaids, and i realised ive only ever drawn 1 other Mermaid in my life, *looks at the description so far* gees i ramble......Heres the 2nd one. Reason for her looking glum? I miss my Muse. Hes gone away from me. Very annoyed with me.....
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