Moodboard Meme-ish Picture

Based off of this concept: [link]

I don't know if I did this quite right, I suppose my art styles are pretty unique or just borrow from so many different sources that they've sort of become their own. So I tried to think, what concepts, themes, ideas and experiences inspire me? What shows up a lot in my art? What sort of music to I work to, and who or what do I aspire to be like? Also, this meme mostly focuses on my drawings and writings.

L-to-R, top row to bottom:
Dreams, Linda Ravenscroft, Rococo fashion, Kino's Journey, birds, Victorian era, sleep, late nights, oldies music

Radiohead, anthropomorphism, computers, physics, travel, the past, CLAMP, nature, literary (and occasionally real-life) tragedies, lost civilisations

Yoshitoshi ABe, New England, strange faces, the colour red, conspiracy theories, spirals, winter, people-watching, outlandishly puffy fashions, time

Relationships of any kind, cyclicity, wings, Lost, Douglas Adams, Wikiwalks, mythology, the female form, my personal muses (stock image of muses used, but you get the idea).
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