The white Walls - DE Picture

Finished some minutes ago.
I was inspired by the songs of the great band Elane. While hearing them I couldn't get images of white cities of towers out of my head and so I wrote this. It's not as long, as other stories from me, but it's okay, I think.
They're many metaphorics, so don't give up! Just use your brain ^^.

"Oreichalken" comes from Orichalcum, a legendary metal, glowing like fire and used by the people of Atlantis.
"Mnemen" is the plural for one of the original muses in greek mythology. She was the muse of memory, so see it as a metaphorics their for ^^.

Enjoy, it will just cost some comments! Take the chance!

P.S.: Well, you have to click Download to see the text, in fact...^^. Don't ask why o.ô
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