Profile: Derek Kerec Picture

Felt like trying out a different style, so my muses drew the short straw.

Origin: Derek was the last of the muses to appear, and the only muse who has nothing to do with writing stories. He is also the only muse who is associated with a mythological creature.

Appearance: Derek (Kerec in dragon form) is a young man with dark brown hair which falls into his purple eyes. He is rarely seen without a pencil or paintbrush. He always wears two shirts, the undershirt a longsleeved red and black striped shirt, and the overshirt a black one with poison-green monster eyes on it. As a dragon, Kerec is easily the largest of the muses. His eyes are still purple, but his scales are smoky-gray.

Personality: Derek-Kerec is the muse of Art, and doesn’t speak much, preferring to draw.

Relationships: Derek-Kerec doesn’t have many relationships with the other muses, though he has deigned to join Farwing and Malish on occasion for a guy movie night. He can usually be found drawing scenery. Lazuli seems to enjoy his company, and Vivian seems to enjoy teasing him. He and Kirabeh have a tense relationship, since she is very decisive and prone to action, while Derek prefers to observe events.
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