The Confessor Picture

I play one of the dearly departed on a journey to the other world guided by Esza Kaye. Listen to the Confessor here:

"Join Esza Kaye on a visual and musical journey across the River Styx. Travel with the passengers on the boat through re-imagined images of medieval Europe and the idea that through confession of our truth we regain our essence of love."

My hair stylist: Pocketstylist ♥

My wardrobe provided by: Italiano Couture ♥

Produced/directed by Esza Kaye
Song “The Confessor” by Esza Kaye
Re-mix by Eric Hart
Photography by Jean Renard
Assistant to Photographer: Jonny Walls
Lighting: Jeff Noble
Video by Allyson Laquain and Jonny Walls
Editor Logan Heftel
Production Assistant Jennifer Williams
Special Effects make-up Hans Averon
Additional Make Up Jeffrey Fetzer
Costume Designer and Stylist Marika Soderlund-Robison
Additional Styling and Costumes Jila La

The Muse of Death/Rebirth: Esza Kaye
Assistant to Death/Torch Bearer: Jila La
Occupants of gondola/River Styx:
Marika Soderlund-Robison
Lucid Luminos
Cristal Avalos
Citizen waiting for gondola on dock: Olga Safari

Video premier of "Confessor" at Esza Kaye's Myth Masque performance!

View full video here:
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