Rain All Day Picture

So, yeah, it rained all weekend while we were up north, so while looking for a title, that one seemed right, since this was doodled in the hotel room.

My muse sang to me again while I was up there, and I found a way for Trauma and Yume to overcome that certain, nasty little curse. The price, however, was high... and the two were 'reborn' differently from before. (This is their main story, not having much of anything to do with their previously posted gender swap! forms).

Right now these are just prelim sketches. Er, the bottom one is a definite no. I was extremely tired (since it'd been raining for two days straight) so I was struggling to get the idea on paper and not just... pass out. Basically his hair is supposed to be a bit more wild and wind-blown. The side angle sits well with me, but that bottom one... it strikes me more as a prelim sketch for my Loki character, actually. :/

Anyway, either way, they're mine. :3
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